Regional Historical Museum, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
The regional historical museum in Stara Zagora is situated in the center of the town. Thousands of important exponents are stored in its fund. The museum windows trace the historical epochs. The Stara Zagora region has been inhabited since antiquity. Evidences of this can be seen in the first exposition hall of the museum. The earliest evidences of settlement are from the Late Stone Age – 6 thousand years BC. A special map shows the location of more than 120 pre-historic settlement mounds, found up to the present moment in the town region, as five of the mounds are situated within the borders of the contemporary town. Tools made of antler, bone and flint, ceramic pots with interesting shapes and decorations are presented. The Roman period of the historical development of the Stara Zagora region began in the 46th year AD when the region was conquered by the Romans. In 107, after the victory upon the Dacians, Emperor Trayan passed through this area and decided to build here a town according to a Roman model, which he called Augusta Trayana.
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