Museum Burg Linn, Krefeld, Germany
The exhibition building of the Museum Burg Linn - formerly "Niederrheinisches Landscape Museum"; today, "Archaeological Museum" - is located north
of the castle grounds near the entrance to the castle.

On the ground floor, the first part of the archaeological collections is shown starting with the prehistory and early history, the time before the Romans. Special focuses are the representation of the Battle of Gelduba in 69 AD and the great landscape model of the Roman fortress Gelduba (circa 200 AD).

On the first floor a selection of finds can be seen from the more than 6,000 in Gelduba (Krefeld-Gellep) discovered Roman and early medieval tombs. Of particular note are the significant glass collection and the in 1962 uncovered grave of a Frankish prince. The prince's grave is one of the very few early medieval nobility graves in the German Rhineland. It contains rich golden grave goods, including a helmet, a Byzantine clasp, and a 'Ringknaufspatha' (longsword). Next on display are medieval finds from the Krefeld urban area as well as the grave of the first known Lord of Linn, knight Otto von Linn (circa 1170-1220).

On the second floor the history of Linn is explained and on the third floor there is an exhibition on the "Lower Rhine ceramic" between 1680 and 1850.
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