Das Schwert - Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Solingen, Germany
The Sword - Form and Thought
26. SEP 2015 - 28. FEB 2016

The exhibition „The Sword – Form and Thought“ is dedicated to the European sword, and its history from the High Middle Ages to Early Modern times: as a tool of war and a symbol for the knightly virtues, as the preferred weapon of the art of fencing and insignia of authority, as a product of technological perfection and precious piece of jewellery.

The physical form of a sword is not only a result of its practical function, but also tells us about the world of ideas of its makers and users. The principles of construction and geometrical systems behind medieval swords are foremost examples how „Form and Thought“ become one.

The art of fencing is one of the exhibition's main topics. The Klingenmuseum owns a collection of centuries-old fencing manuals, which are put on display for the first time, accompanied by the weapons used in the books. The exhibition shows not only pieces of the Klingenmuseum's collection, but also loans from museums and private collectors from Germany, the Netherlands, and the USA.

A part of the exhibition presents modern takes on the art of swordmaking: Five makers of international renown (Petr Florianek, Peter Johnsson, Jake Powning, and the duo Duo Ralf Hoffmann and Sabine Piper) will present their very own interpretations of the sword.
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