Museum Wilnsdorf, Wilnsdorf, Germany
Museum Wilnsdorf is an ethnographic museum and a cultural history meeting place

On two floors the ethnographic museum provides insights into life and work in the villages of southern Siegerland at the beginning of the 20th century. A separate exhibition recalls the time of Siegerländer mining . A natural history cabinet provides information about insects and plants.

The other part of the museum offers a "journey through time": from the Stone Age and the ancient civilizations to the Middle Ages and into the modern era. Special exhibitions deepen and expand the range. Some of the archeological pieces on display are replicas. But the exposition is so well done that I was truly amazed by the high educational value of this museum. It is not very easy to find. But it is a little gem and therefore a must see you shouldn't miss when visiting the area.

Regarding arms and armour tehre is a small archeological section with findings of the Wilnsdorf castle which was destroyed in 1233. The most important piece is a very early type of "Eisenhut" or kettle hat of which only two are known in Europe. One is in the KHM of Vienna and the other original one you can find here, at museum Wilnsdorf.
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