Stiftskirche St. Gangolf, Heinsberg, Germany
Tomb of the Lords of Heinsberg. The reclining figures show Johann II. of Heinsberg († 1438), his wife Margarethe von Gennep († 1419) and their son John III. Heinsberg († 1443). The cover plate is decorated with ancestral coat of arms. Shown are (in the spelling of the inscriptions on the monument) on the left, the male side of the crest of Loen, Holland, Chyny, Heinsberg, Gilych, Engeland, Brabant and Scotland, and on the right, female side those of Genepe, Altenburg, Vlandern , Bruynenburg, Erkel, Lip, Funds and Heube. The 2.3 m long and 1.7 m wide vault was originally below the high tomb and was only accessible by a sloping shaft on the east side of the tomb. The tomb was first restored in the first decade of the 20th century, when damages were removed that were caused by a vault collapse in 1783. It was again restored after severe damage during World War II.
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