Tree Plantation @ Yashwin Jeevan Orchid on 16th & 17th July,2016.
Recently on 17th/18th July, we have planted nearly 100 native fruit bearing trees at Yashwin Jeewan Orchid (Its a project at Sus-Baner for LIC employees society as well Orchid society) at the hands of flat owners over there & we have taken responsibility of their survival ! In my childhood I have never ever purchased things like jamun, ber, mangos or chinch (pardon for Marathi phrases but that's best way to describe them) & if we don't plant these trees then our next genre wont get even paying these nature treasures! Another aspect is no better joy than seeing a tree we planted getting grow & age with us, as well unless we don't start taking pride in owning a tree, future of trees is dark!
I am happy as LIC is directly linked with making a man's life comfortable & associating with trees is one sure way to do so; life is important but more important is what kind of life we live & a life with shade of green is the best life! Do share my feelings with all members & yes its just start of what I mentioned in opening ceremony i.e. "Booking ke Saath bhi, Possession ke Baad bhi"!
Here is one touchy moment of plantation, yes thats the spirit of a boy who walks with support but becoming support of a tree! Salute!
Sanjay, Aditya & Team Vilas Javdekar Asso + Sanjeevani Dev i.e. VJSD
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