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Mar 12 - Inside the "Garden hall" tomb with ancient pictographs of people and animals on the walls, Petra

For most of Petra's long history, since its Nabataean glory days at the neck of the spice route, it's been a vast, forgotten wonder, a hangout of herders, visited by nomads, and nothing I saw there spoke to this long bout of obscurity better than these rough pictographs of people and livestock, or game, etched by those herders or nomads for sympathetic magic in what might have become, for them, a makeshift temple.

- "The open space in front of this monument is thought to have been a garden, and hence the monument's name. It was located along the Wadi Al Farasa processional route [up to the high place of sacrifice.] A 44m3 cistern nearby was covered by vaults and fed by a large upper water reservoir...[and was used to] irrigate the garden as needed." (a plaque)

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Taken on March 6, 2012