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NGC 7424 | by Terry Robison
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NGC 7424

NGC 7424 – Grand Spiral Galaxy


NGC 7424 – Grand Spiral Galaxy

In the constellation Grus, a beautiful face on Grand Design Spiral Galaxy can be found. It is approximately 37.5 to 40 million light years away from us, with an apparent size of 9.5 X 8.1 arcmin. It is worth noting that the structure and diameter are very similar to our own galaxy, the Milky Way.


It takes 100,000 years for light to reach across this galaxy, and it is receding at approximately 930 kilometres per second. The very bright prominent bar in the middle has a slightly more reddish colour suggesting an older population of stars are located along the bar. As you more outwards, the galaxy takes on a bright blue colour with clusters of young and massive stars.


NGC 7424 has a low surface brightness, and best viewed in dark skies. Viewing this incredible object through a small instrument will yield an elliptical haze devoid of the many arms present in the image above. Best viewing of this object is from late September, October, and into November.


Field of View / Plate Solving


Resolution ........ 0.804 arcsec/px

Orientation ....... Up is 92 degrees E of N

Focal ............. 2309.35 mm

Pixel size ........ 9.00 um

Field of view ..... 33' 5.5" x 22' 3.9"

Image center ...... RA: 22 57 18.560 Dec: -41 04 08.38


Exposure Details:


Lum 55X900

Red 20X450

Green 16X450

Blue 26X450

Ha 20X1200


Total time 28.17 hours



Instruments Used:


10 Inch RCOS fl 9.1

Astro Physics AP-900 Mount

SBIG STL 11000m

FLI Filter Wheel

Astrodon Lum, Red, Green, Blue Filters

Baader Planetarium H-alpha 7nm Narrowband-Filter



Software Used


CCDStack (calibration, alignment, data rejection, stacking)

Photoshop CS 6 (Image processing)




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Uploaded on November 2, 2018