Deserted Old-timers on Devil's Island, French Guyana

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    If you get the chance to spend even just a 1/2 day on Devil's Island (actually Royal Island (Isle Royale) since no one is allowed on the real Devil's Island) then do so.

    The old architecture, the rainforest, the wild monkeys, the pounding surf, the flowers, the old children's graveyard, the agoutis (I call them little fat guys), and the amibience.

    One of the best places I have ever had the chance to visit.

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    1. steeladw 75 months ago | reply

      Nice image Sheree. Who loves in these buildings...the monkeys? They do a nice job of keeping up the property.

    2. joemack1 75 months ago | reply

      Good Shot Sheree , Thanks for the Info,

    3. Sheree (Here intermittently) 75 months ago | reply

      Hey, Aaron, I think you mean "lives." Got Valentine's on the brain? LOL

    4. jane.garratt♥ 75 months ago | reply

      It's a lovely shot - the place looks beautiful, but creepy too. I'm not sure what it is - whether it's the architecture or that tree, but it reminds me of the colonial penal colony on an island off the coast of Western Australia ... maybe it's the thick walls & high windows

    5. Cynthia Brushart 75 months ago | reply

      Sounds Like heaven, not some place with the devil!!!

    6. Pixellie 75 months ago | reply

      Yes sounds like a nice place Sheree.

    7. Captivating, Inc. 75 months ago | reply

      How cool is that? I'd love to visit....but for the monkey's! lol

    8. liz126willard 75 months ago | reply

      This is fascinating and what a story to tell! Who could have guessed it would be such a place?

    9. jim270. 75 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot, Sheree! Thanks for sharing. Looks like an amazing place.
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    10. ragtops2000 75 months ago | reply

      Looks amazing to me Sheree. It would definitely be on my to do list my friend. Enjoy your day.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    11. Humandecoy - back 75 months ago | reply

      Is that the Devil's Island of Papillion (Henri Charriere) you are referring to?
      This photo transported me right back to Surinam, so much atmosphere.
      The huge fingered leaves in the background belong to a tree with huge spiky fruits that I forgot the name of.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    12. Sheree (Here intermittently) 75 months ago | reply

      Yes, the very island, or rather the one next door to real Island of Papillon, Ronald. No one is allowed on to that island.

    13. @petra (away) 75 months ago | reply

      You went to fabulous places, Sheree and I bet you enjoyed it a lot.
      Nothing like travelling. We always return home so much richer.

    14. Dyuman 75 months ago | reply

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      Beautiful and informative!

    15. Bruce Canon 1DMk2 [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

      Marvelous capture, I would love to travel to the southern hemisphere.

    16. A guy called John 75 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot. It has a very tropical look to it. I love the mixture of green and brown colours. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    17. MarculescuEugenIancuD60Alaska 75 months ago | reply

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    18. Latmusic 75 months ago | reply

      It seems a great place to go!!

    19. ah zut 75 months ago | reply

      Funny I was just thinking of French Guyana the other day.
      Is it the place were they filmed "Papillon"?

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