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Stumbled upon a shinto wedding at Itsukushima Shrine on the sacred island of Miyajima, famous for its floating spiritual gateway, or torii. I love the feminity expressed in the delicate position of her hands and feet, emphasized by his strong, masculine stance. Not to mention their beautiful, contrasting wedding kimono.



  • Claude Renault 10y

    A nice close up. Lovely kimonos, I like the way it's done.. very feminine, you are definitly right.
  • Storeyland 10y

    wow, love the crop and the shyness
  • foto fanatic1 10y

  • Wen Nag (aliasgrace) 10y

    Great comp and crop!
  • Timothy Takemoto 10y

    See the thickness of this ladies kimono. I think that there was a derogatory term in British English along the line of "matress back." This lady comes with a mattress on her back, and front. My wife got married in one too but this is the first time I have noticed.
  • Anonymous Order 7y

    A pin stripe hakama - very swish!

  • V 7y

    not usually that thick, timtak - it must have been cold out - in fact that might even be a coat of some kind.

    i assume they were posing for a photo at this moment. the hands and feet of both people are in very traditional poses - intentionally "feminine" and "masculine."

    this does not really mean that she is shy and feminine by nature (or even feeling that way at this moment)--no more than the traditional smiles everyone wears in american wedding photos mean that everyone is ecstatic about the marriage. these are just traditional expressions of different kinds.

    not to burst your bubble. i enjoy it for the precision of the gestures - wow, these two really got it just right! just like the dolls and the statues and the paintings and the everything! nice work bride and groom!

    however, i also enjoy thinking of marriages and people generally in terms more complex that just simple 'masculinity' and 'femininity' - because they usually are much more complicated! lol a gesture is very pretty, but just a gesture.

    sorry to babble on. lol :)
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