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Phase II has now begun (March 2017) and includes demolition of the remaining Music Building that was not renovated as part of Phase I (see below), and completion of ground, first, second and third floors of the renovated portion of the Music Building. This will provide natural light at the ends of each of the hallways with seating areas outside of the ‘old’ elevator on each floor.
Phase I of the renovation and construction is complete with ongoing cosmetic updates to be completed past Phase II. The Phase I renovation and build included a new, five-storey tower housing practice rooms, rehearsal and classroom spaces, teaching studios, percussion suite, work spaces for our piano technicians, and a 48-seat recital hall. The renovated wing includes teaching studios, the Early Music Studio suite, and practice rooms. The newly constructed 2-storey tower houses teaching studios, classroom and rehearsal spaces, reception area, lobby, recording studio, and von Kuster Hall.