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The Aeropress | by Ldiggity
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The Aeropress

Without a doubt, this is the finest single-cup coffee brewer on the market. Incredibly easy to clean, and produces absolutely amazing coffee.


Review I wrote for Caracol:


Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker


I can't sing enough praise for this single cup brewer. I almost laughed when I first saw it. It looks and feels like a high school chemistry set from arms length. But once you use it, you find that the fit, shape, and size all make perfect sense - and more amazingly it all conspires together to make one seriously fine cup of coffee.


At my place of work, we are supplied with some standard pre-ground Starbucks roasts, when I am short on time I lean towards the one with the most flavor, primarily Verona/smooth. Even with that who-knows-how-long-ago-this-was-ground coffee the AeroPress shines. With high-quality beans, roasted well and ground freshly the resulting coffee is absolutely outstanding. I'm in love with the Aeropress.


You get something akin to a short, strong cup, more extraction than a shot of espresso but much less than a standard US cup. You can then choose to drink it straight (like Moka pot brew strength), or dilute it Americano style to a more standard-issue idea of a cup of drinking coffee.


If you follow the basic directions you discover that the brewing process consists of screwing on the bottom flow regulator cap and the disposable paper filter (300 included), scoop in the desired amount of ground coffee, pour in the desired amount of water and stir for about 10 seconds with the stir stick. Next, you take the plunger element and "extract" the coffee under pressure by pressing down with light force to move the currently brewing coffee down through the grounds, through the microfilter, and out the bottom of the press. You should normally find some hefty crema clinging to the bottom of the flow regulator cap, and your extracted coffee in the cup with a bit of that nice crema on top. You then unscrew the cap, use the plunger to push out the spent grounds and microfilter, rinse with water and you're finished!


Because you are actually extracting under pressure, you get the smoothness and full body of flavor similar to espresso or french press extraction/brewing but absolutely devoid of the problematic acidity often found with pressurized heat extraction.


If you are looking for a one cup brewer, look no further. This is an amazing, fun little system that is incredibly flexible and forgiving with experimentation and requires minimal clean-up and fuss. As always, if you use freshly ground high-quality coffee you will get outstanding results, but the fact that you can get fantastic coffee out of the AeroPress even with not-so-fresh stale ground coffee is a testament to how well conceived this product is. Thank you Aerobie!

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Taken on November 1, 2006