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the beautiful sleep (far) | by lovelydesign
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the beautiful sleep (far)

(blogged) Today, for the first time in many weeks, Adelaide took a nap.


To me, Adelaide's naps are the most beautiful of all her sleeps. In the light of the afternoon I can see well, and how beautiful, and full of peace she can be. Elliot is the happiest cat around because he'll get to snuggle right in her. When Addie wakes up after a nap, she will be the sweetest and charming little person you will ever meet. But best of all, I get an hour or two of time all for my very own... Naps are fantastic things!


Well, since Adelaide suddenly stopped napping several weeks ago, I've become a little frazzled. I didn't realise how important this time has become to me. Suddenly - and without any warning - I don't have those precious few moments a day to catch up on all those many mounting emails, or to put together some goods, or to work on some ideas, package up some orders, or even simply tidy up my studio a little bit. Suddenly, I have found myself without my best personal assistant ever: a little bit of uninterrupted, quiet, solo time!


Each and every time this parenthood thing seems to get a little bit easy to me and I find myself thinking: "Oh, this is great! A piece of cake! I can do this, and I can do it well! And, run my business, too... no sweat! " My little daughter will pick my vibe, and she switch it all right up. She will get sick. Or start waking up at 6 am. Or refusing to go to bed (or nap). Or maybe she will just need to be held all day long, for no apparent reason at all. Instantly, she will toss me right back on my butt into a much humbler place. Where I belong!


But - today - she napped once more. Perhaps for the last time ever. And it was marvelous.


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Uploaded on November 20, 2009