Obama Booth
This is a set of photos I made at some Bay Area fundraisers with the help of my friend Anita Gay. Everyone pictured here donated ten dollars to Obama's campaign to get their fist bump with Obama. Check out my professional site at www.ErichMorton.com

I was really touched by how cute Barack and Michelle were when they gave each other a fist bump at the end of his primary campaign. So I was annoyed to hear that people, such as Fox News's E.D. Hill were trying to use that gesture as a way of alienizing him by describing it as a 'terrorist fist jab'.

All the photography and photoshoppping was done on site at the fundraisers and people got a 4x6 print about 20 minutes after their photos were taken. The high demand for these photos didn't leave me much time to finesse the 'shopping each of these images but I've decided not to re-retouch them to stay closer to the fun and slapdash manner in which they were created at the fundraisers.

The original photo used in this set was taken by Pablo Martinez Monsivais for AP Photo on June 5, 2008 in Bristow, Va.
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