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Fruit Fly Trap | by mightyboybrian
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Fruit Fly Trap

Recently I have been waging war against these heinous creatures. What I've used is a simple and effective trap to catch and kill these buggers in large quantities. Follow these few steps to clear your living space of these pests.


How to catch and kill fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster)



1. Remove all fruit from the area.

Put it in your refrigerator or something. You want the only thing attracting the flies to be the traps.


2. Using a tumbler glass pour in a little apple vinegar or red wine (pictured above).

These two liquids attract the flies quite nicely.


3. Add 4 drops of dish soap and mix into liquid.

This breaks the surface tension of the water so once the flies fall in, they sink.


4. Cover the mouth of the glass with plastic wrap.


5. Poke 4-7 holes in plastic with a toothpick.

The flies will crawl through the holes to get to the scent but won't be able to find their way back out.


6. Stand back and count the bodies.



I currently have 5 of these traps set up around my apartment and this "yield" pictured above is about average.

The source of all the breeding came from a very large garbage that hadn't been emptied in a long time. There were several rotting apples (aka a perfect breeding ground) that just multiplied these buggers like you wouldn't believe.


To get this shot, I raised up the glass using 3 tooth floss containers. I then used an LED headlamp to illuminate the base and glass.


This image is 3 exposures combined in Photomatix


That is all. Happy killing!

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Taken on October 16, 2009