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    I used a Gadget Infinity wireless radio trigger with a Speedlite 430EX behind a white translucent piece of plexiglass. The fishtank is set on a dark table to increase the contrast in the reflections. The Speedlite was set to 1/4th power zoomed to 50mm and optically triggered a 300W studio strobe that was set to 1/8th and stood camera-right on the opposite side of the tank. The maximum sync time of 1/200th made it impossible to avoid motion blur on the spoons.

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    1. s u b u 85 months ago | reply

      good timing..!! the spoon put out an intersting pattern..

    2. Pink Pixel Photography (f.k.a. Sunny) 85 months ago | reply

      I don't have any clue of that technical stuff you wrote, but I like the pic a lot ;-) Great work!!!

    3. Luis Eduardo ® 85 months ago | reply

      I like this kind of captures a lot, the lighting setup and the planning, Did you use a sound trigger?

    4. 96dpi 85 months ago | reply

      Su bu -Sunny- Thank you

      Luis Eduardo I don't have one and had to rely on trial and error to get the shot right, in this case it took me more than 30 shots to frame one like this.

    5. JJ Brown 85 months ago | reply

      Excellent :)

    6. _iamimp_ [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      awesome experiment

    7. Mariano Kamp 85 months ago | reply

      That looks awesome.

      30 shots. I feel you. I tried that shooting some waterdrops and used the same "process" ;-)

      >>The maximum sync time of 1/200th made it impossible to avoid motion >>blur on the spoons.
      Just thinking out aloud here, but with 1/200th you're not taking in any ambient anymore, right? So the relevant speed should be 1/1000th of a second or faster as just the exposure time of the flash is relevant. Or am I missing something here?

    8. wensphoto 84 months ago | reply

      nice, and thanks for sharing the info regarding the shooting

    9. Ole Begemann 77 months ago | reply

      Cool, dass das Bild in dem CC-Video verwendet wurde.

    10. KaLuany 74 months ago | reply


    11. S Bavido 69 months ago | reply

      I'm very impressed. This is quite creative.

    12. ep_jhu 3 days ago | reply

      Nice black and white shot

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