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Turkish Turkey stamp 2 - Necdet Kent - Selahattin Holocaust

elaNecdet Kent a Turkish Diplomat risked his life during WW2 to save Jews of Turkish origin from Concentration Camps. Kent served as Turkey's Vice Consul General in Marseille, France between 1941 - 1944. He saved the lives of more than 80 Jews, who had been loaded into cattle cars to be transported to Concentration Camps. He climbed into the train and refused to leave without them. In interviews after the war, Kent attributed his moral resiliency to his Turkish identity: "As a representative of a government that rejected such treatment for religious beliefs, I could not consider leaving Jews on a train bound for a concentration camp".


Turkish Dipolomat Selahattin risked his life to save Jews - he served as the Consul General of Turkey in Rhodes between 1943 and 1944. Opposing the German Nazi forces which occupied the island during WW2 he saved 42 Jews from death, threatening to create an international crisis if they were not released. Ambassador Ulkumen later was honored as a Righteous Gentile (Moslem) by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

"Turkey issued the stamps for the simple reason that, even today, the world remains scarred from the atrocities of the Holocaust," said Nabi Sensoy, Turkey's ambassador to the United States. "Honoring these two great Turkish diiplomats who protected the innocent, risking their lives, is also meant to convey Turkey's appreciation of the historic friendship between the Turkish people and Jews from Israel and around the world."


The two stamps were issued to recognize the courageous acts of those who resisted, and to show that the human capacity to confront evil can withstand the most difficult of conditions.

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Uploaded on December 27, 2008