The beautiful and delicate art of Thai fruit carving (which I found on the Net)

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    Fruit and vegetable carving is a venerable tradition which has been passed down from ancient times. Fruit and vegetable carving is considered one of the ten traditional Thai crafts. It is thus held to be an ancient art and is used in making food offerings for monks, entertaining guests, ordinations, wedding, and royal funerals.

    Although fruit and vegetable carving is practiced in China, Japan, and other countries, nowhere is Thai skill matched nor has the art been developed as long as in Thailand.

    With their patience and desire to express affection, Thais have a liking for handicraft work. Adorning an object to make it a thing of beauty is a creative act, and this is precisely what is involved in enhancing the natural beauties of fruits and vegetables through imaginative carving, a priceless inheritance passed down from generation to generation.

    This is certainly something I would like to learn ... and this photo is colorful and inviting ....I have always been intrigued by this skill ... to see more:

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    1. Joanna Vou 96 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot! Amazing!!!!

    2. BramstonePhotography 96 months ago | reply

      Where do you find all of these things? I have seen a lot of your pictures of meals and they all make me hungry, I will no doubt be asking for some of the recipes before long. This is an outstanding shot, very well done.

    3. The Gifted Photographer 96 months ago | reply

      I neither carve nor photograph such luxurious delights .. but I dearly love beauty in food decoration and this certainly qualifies as beauty!

      Apparently, the Thai people excel in this art ... see the link for more breathtaking carvings ...

    4. Aapplemint 96 months ago | reply

      wow...this is truly a piece of art...there are so many talented people in this world ..i cant even try and imagine ! thank you for bring this to us !

    5. s'kat 96 months ago | reply

      I don't even have words, that is completely amazing! Marking a favourite as I speak, but... wow, there are really no words ! !

      Thank you, GG.

    6. Spherical Me 96 months ago | reply

      I think it's much too pretty to eat! Thanks for finding this for us to see!

    7. *labaronesa* 96 months ago | reply

      Beautiful detail, colors, and presentation.

    8. Geppetto22 90 months ago | reply

      I hope to get this good at fruit carving...practice , practice, pracice

    9. emblatame (Ron) 72 months ago | reply

      Melissa, what a fantastic image. That is really superior to the ones done on the ship in December I would have drooled over these taking so many angles. I opened "all sizes" but it is only a small size. How I'd love to see that in the original if you have it. Amazing and thanks for showing.

    10. emblatame (Ron) 72 months ago | reply

      I checked out too, the link you provided. So beautiful.

    11. john11k 67 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Totally Thailand , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Swadee, Fantastic photo, Fantastic craft, J

    12. sep1766 67 months ago | reply

      Beautiful arrangement, nice colors combination.
      Totally Thailand

    13. Dave Reid666 8 months ago | reply

      Beautiful job with wonderful colors

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