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Eastern tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtails often rest with their wings fully spread, particularly if the sun is out.This species is the most widely distributed tiger swallowtail, and one of the most common and conspicuous butterflies of the East. Alaskan, Canadian, and northeastern butterflies are smaller and paler than those of the eastern states. Feeding in groups, adults take nectar from a wide range of flowers. The black female form has evolved to mimic the distasteful Pipevine Swallowtail; its presence in the population reflects the abundance of the species it mimics.


Males and some females above and below are yellow with black tiger-stripes across wings and black borders spotted with yellow. Long, black tail on each HW. HW above and below usually has row of blue patches inside margin, with orange spot above and sometimes much orange below, running through yellow. Dark form females are black above with border-spotting of yellow, blue, and orange .

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Taken on August 19, 2009