ICEM - Field trip, July 2012: Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management into Development in Nepal
Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management into Development in Nepal

Donor: Asian Development Bank | Duration 2012-2017 | Location: Nepal
 About: The Government of Nepals (GoN’s) National Adaptation Programme of Action for Climate Change (NAPA) outlines 43 adaptation measures grouped into nine priority areas or ‘profiles’. Stemming from the NAPA, a Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) has been developed focusing on long-term interventions aimed at enhancing climate resilience in Nepal.

Mainstreaming climate change risk management in development is a technical assessment component of the SPCR. The expected outcome is that the GoN’s infrastructure development programs, policies and projects incorporate safeguards to address the effects of climate change. ICEM established an association with national consultancies METCON and APTEC to develop the required safeguard policies and products, including integration with existing programs (such as the NCCSP, DRR and REDD projects). Some of the project output’s will contribute directly to achievement of the project outcomes, and some will contribute indirectly by improving framework conditions for climate change mainstreaming (e.g. support for implementation of the Climate Change Policy), by creating knowledge (e.g. research on traditional adaptation practices), or by building capacity at district and community level.

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