The Wondrous Nearer Drew
The Wondrous Nearer Drew, a series of digital compositions, merges twenty-first century technology with nineteenth-century words. As an English major turned artist, I have been deeply influenced by both word and image and often work to merge the two as equal partners. The image does not illustrate the text nor do the words explain the image. In the botanical imagery, I seek to express the underlying mystery and spirit of the plant world. I then find companions for the images in the words of Emily Dickinson, choosing lines that capture the beauty, freshness, and crystalline ambiguity of her language, lines that I like to both say out loud and let echo silently in my mind.

The kaleidoscopic botanical images are created in Photoshop from photographs of flowers taken in Emily Dickinson’s home state of Massachusetts in gardens (mine, friends’, and on garden tours) and meadows and along roadsides. The words, collected from The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson edited by Thomas H. Johnson, are written with a brush pen and scanned into the computer.
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