Gift of Home #1
giving the Gift of Home to those in need

Who We Are

Erin Stack and Kristen Weeden became fast friends when their daughters were in class together at Jack & Jill Nursery School back in 2003. Both have four daughters, creative minds, a love for everything vintage, and a call to help others. In 2006, they put their heads together and created a festival that would raise funds to benefit a local organization. The Summer Market was unique to the area and became a popular destination for visitors from all over Ohio. As the Summer Market grew, so too did the organizations and projects they were able to benefit.

Girls Give Back

With the success of the Summer Market, Erin and Kristen did some soul searching and homed in their ideas and wishes. Girls Give Back was created in 2012 with a preliminary thought to simply help those in need through random acts of kindness. This idea, although a good one, was just too big. They wanted to help EVERYONE! The girls came back together and discussed their strengths and how they could best use them. Their idea: to give the Gift of Home to those in need.

The Gift of Home

Home is a place of love and comfort that should welcome you with open arms. Girls Give Back hopes to create this home for local families in need. After a weekend away, families will return home to a fresh, clean home with new household items and an overall sense of comfort and coziness. It feels amazing, regardless of how little money you have, to live in a house that feels like a home to you and your children. It renews your spirit.

Project #1 - February 2013

To be a part of the Girls Give Back Team or to make a donation to a Gift of Home project, please email

Market Chicks

Maggie, Brie, Maddie, Lily, Zoe, Sophia, Georgia, & Emilie are the eight Stack and Weeden girls, affectionately called Market Chicks. These girls have been a part of the Summer Market since the first day. Although Emilie wasn't quite yet walking and the others were in preschool and elementary school, the girls have always been passionate about this event. The girls now help our vendors (and shop with them!) and run their own booth of handmade items. This year, they will be a part of our first Gift of Home project.
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