Satya Narayan Lal Karn & Moti Karn, Mithila Art, Bihar
Satya Narayan Lal Karn is considered amongst the finest Mithila painters in India today. He learned his art from his mother, Smt. Jagadamba Devi, one of the first State awardees for Mithila art. His mother was his mentor and guide and he attributes all his success in life to her.

He has been teaching arts and crafts at the National Bal Bhavan in New Delhi since 1971. He has taken Mithila art beyond the confines of small town culture to a growing number of keenly interested people in India, Australia, Europe and the USA.

He received the National Award jointly with his wife Moti Karn in 2001 and the Kamladevi Chattopadhyay Memorial award in 2001.

MOTI KARN (Mithila Art; Wife of Satya Narayan Lal Karn)

Moti Karn learnt her art from her mother Smt. Kapoori Devi, a renowned Mithila artist. She has participated in many exhibitions and workshops in India, Europe and the US and has won the National Merit Certificate in 1999 and the Vijaya Deshmuh award in 2005.
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