Anand Kumar Shyam, Gond Tribal Art, Madhya Pradesh
Anand is a senior Gond artist based in Bhopal, India. He has exhibited his works in India and recently in France as well.

Anand says, “Our jungles are full of stories,” as he points out to a fat cat filled with tiny dots on a painting he has created. These dots are symbolic of the Gond identity. 'We actually make them on trees to enable us to find our way back when we go into the jungle. It was these “dot” markings that first caught the eye of J. Swaminathan's team in 1981 (then Director of Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal) when they were sent to the Gond jungles to study our art forms. So dazzled was the team by the paintings on the walls of our huts that they called it a living art museum. They asked us to paint on paper with poster colors that they had brought with them.’

His paintings are mesmerizing, full of energy and bursting with colors.
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