The White House

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    Even after living in the DC area for many years, this is only the second time I have seen the White House.

    It looks more impressive on TV than it is in real life...

    1. sealdaze 84 months ago | reply

      i work and live near a lot of dc landmarks (white house, capitol, supreme court, mall, etc.). like all "big" things, they're "smaller" in real life. but i still impressive. seeing them all the time is part of what i love about dc - it reminds me of all the important things that go on at the same time as nomal life.

    2. LollyKnit 84 months ago | reply

      Sealdaze: I know exactly what you mean. In grad school, I had a great majority of my classes at the Library of Congress. I would walk by the LC buildings - and the Capitol, Supreme Court, Union Station - and realize just how lovely they really are! (Even with the closed sidewalks and construction zones around them...) We are lucky to live in such a pretty and historical place!

      ...and yet, I still haven't met you! :)

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