• Goo warmer.
  • Contraction sensor.
  • Fetal heart sensor.

Fetal monitor

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We got to listen to the baby's heart for 20 minutes today. The midwife wanted to make sure the baby's heart rate was still variable and average which indicates the baby is in good health. The heart rate had a range of 120-160 which is good. The second probe measures the tenseness of the muscles and will show if any contractions are happening. There were none while we were there.

  1. swamp girl ages ago | reply

    She was very active and her heart rate and amniotic fluid were both fine.

  2. ravina sniper ages ago | reply

    she's probably just too comfy in there!

  3. spiralcake ages ago | reply

    Why did they drape your legs with towels?

  4. offhegoes ages ago | reply

    The ultrasound goo gets everywhere.

  5. spiralcake ages ago | reply

    The last ultrasound I had, they warmed the goo. It was so nice.

  6. offhegoes ages ago | reply

    yeah, they always have goo warmers that they take the bottle out of. It's kind of surprising that they care so much.

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