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The Flames of Florence - Florence, Italy

We were walking back to the train station when we passed this street. The couple was standing in the light just perfectly. It was drizzling but just barely - just enough to create a bit of steam on the streets to accentuate the perfect atmosphere of love sprouting. This couple couldn't have been more ideally placed. For me, it was as if the photographic gods came to earth and handed me this moment. It was sublime. His enchantment and nervous tension was unmistakable even from down the street. You could tell they were probably at the very beginning of what would no doubt blossom into a huge & steamy love affair. The kind you only get a couple times in life, maybe only once. And you know if you are lucky enough to have it there is nothing like it in the world. Especially in the beginning when nothing can stop it. Those flawless moments when everything in the world feels new again. Wars were fought over this type of love.


This is one of my favorite photos from Italy. The streets of Florence are so old and full of life I can't help but wonder how many people throughout the ages walked these streets and perhaps stood in this exact spot with this very same twinkle in their eye. Nothing in the world can compare to the blushing skin and golden glow of a love affair about to burst into wild flames.

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Taken on September 26, 2010