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Tito to Stalin | by zanettco
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Tito to Stalin



Tribut to the man who won nazi and fashism, who made a wonderful country, who established Unlineated countries league, who was praised by all world, who never won a Nobel, who showed that different life was possible, whom many call a dictator even if they don't know anything about him and his battles... my tribut to the country that saw me come to this world and gave me my first education, medical cures, best friendships, fantastic childhood ... my tribute to the country that doesn't exist anymore and that had to be distroyed in blood so other get afraid only of the idea of socialism or comunism without knowing what it really was there... my tribut to all who remember it, to all people with pure heart and good will who don't hate anyone and spread love..... the hope ....


1st lie: no religios freedom: I have always been religious and never had problems with it,


2nd lie: no private work no private bussines: a lot of people had many own bussines from small hotels and small bussinesses, family runned factories and much more....


3rd lie: no freedom of movement: many people worked and lived abroad, Yu pasport was the most wanted because there were few countries that required visas


In 2009 in Italy 340 000 people lost jobs, 1/3 of population is on the border of poverty, parents cannot pay studies to their kids, politicians in Parliament have so many priviledges and unbelieveble salaries,t hey have pensions after only 10 years of work while others must work till the age of 67, where Communal politic leaders in Piemonte have salary of 16 000 euro while there are families that have less than 10 000 euro a year income, factories leaving for cheaper places but selling here on blood prices... shame, shame, shame.....IT IS CALLED DEMOCRATIC, JUSTICE, DEVELOPED HUMAN SOCIETY, MODERN SOCIETY OF 21ST CENTURY, ONE OF THE MOST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD !!!! AND IF YOU THINK DIFFERENT.....


My friends , hopefully I will be back soon, I had some difficult time because of illness in family but things are improving... Love you all !

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Taken on April 1, 2010