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I positioned these beauties, the stage was set, the lights were on, camera/action/ ready for their close-up... yet... something was missing... I looked in my box of tricks and found this small piece of red velvet ribbon YESSS!!!! That was it, now, they were bound... and I loved it...

My imagination running wild again... lol.

More experiments with lights and shapes,


Zantedeschia, usually erroneously called Calla or Arum lilies (only when big and white), they are not a true lily.


It is named after Italian botanist Francesco Zantedeschi.

The Zantedeschia species are very poisonous, capable of killing livestock and children.

All parts of the plant are toxic, and produce irritation and swelling of the mouth and throat, acute vomiting and diarrhea.

All species are endemic to southern Africa.

About my flower-photography...


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