Haiti and The Dominican Republic, Jan 2010
Dr. Heidi Law's trip to Haiti and The Dominican Republic:

New Years Day was spent on a couple of planes headed towards the Dominican Republic. I arrived at night and was greeted by Dr. Peter Morgan who lives and works in New York. He is the organizer of this chiropractic mission trip. The weather was temperate, not too hot. I stayed at Camp David which is a nice hotel in the mountains overlooking all of Santiago. We were fed well there and got our exercise the next day by hiking up and down the steep mountainous hills. That next night we were invited to a house party at Jose Manuels house where we ate, drank locally brewed rum and danced Bachata and Merengue all night. On the 3rd, 8 practitioners, 2 drivers and lots of suitcases and tables headed out in 2 vehicles along the long pot hole ridden drive to Haiti. Once across the border we settled into our dorms at the Institution Univers school campus in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. It is a border town with DR and the roads are dirt roads with small boarded houses, no electricity, and where you can see many of the people do not wear shoes. We worked in town on the 3rd floor of the new medical building that was built last year. Our team of 8 had 4 translators and the language they speak there is Creole. Surprisingly, I picked up on some of the most needed phrases. It rained most of the time we were there and the streets would flood so we didn't go far at night. One of the highlights was treating the children in the school one day, ages 4 through teens. On Jan 6th we left Haiti and entered our next destination in Monte Cristi, DR. That night I was up with one of the worst cases of Giardia and Salmonella poisoning and ended up ill for the duration of my stay in DR. This is why there will not be as many pictures of DR as I had hoped but my team treated thousands of patients at the fire stations and it turned out to be a very successful mission trip.
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