Arizona Ironman 2009
On November 22nd the Arizona Ironman took place in Tempe Arizona. I (Dr. Heidi Law) joined a group of ART practitioners and together we treated the athletes of this race for the 3 days prior to race day. Every day we set up our tables near the water in the morning and treated until 10:30. Then we moved our tables to another location near registration for the afternoon treatments. You will see I had taped my hand due to an injury a month prior but with that support I was still able to treat. I always enjoy treating the athletes at these events and this year my husband competed in this race so I was also able to see things directly from the athletes perspective as well. On race day I worked at T1, the first transition tent where the athletes change from wetsuits to bike attire. I helped with that transition and with directing them (they are very confused) to the right places. I spent the afternoon with my parents cheering on my husband and then I worked the finish line with my colleagues. Our job at the finish line is to make sure that anyone needing the medical tent is helped over to it and asked the appropriate questions on the way. The ones not needing medical attention were greeted by the volunteer staff in orange. The weather at the race was ideal for the competetors this year. It was in the 70's with light breeezes, no rain (Lake Placid last year), no scorching sun (Kona Ironman).
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