Chiropractic Mission Trip to Cuba
I am honored to have been included in the first Chiropractic Mission Trip to Cuba. We went during one of the hottest months there and we traveled without our tables, but we took along our healing hands. We figured it would all work out somehow and of course, it did. We layed down doors across chairs and added a pad to re-create a chiropractic bench and sometimes we just put a pad across a desk. Many of the adjustments were also done seated. We adapted to our surroundings and gave each patient the care they needed. All of them were extremely happy with the results and for most of them, it was their first introduction to chiropractic care. In addition to traveling as a volunteer doc I was a tourist in this country for the first time. I really cherish the time that I spent there, the Cubans that I met, my fellow doctors that were very entertaining, the old cars everywhere and the hot nights that were filled with salsa dancing, Cuban style. I won't forget Cuba.
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