Piedras Negras Mission Trip
Here are some pictures to commemorate a successful chiropractic mission trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico from March 10-14, 2009. I (Dr. Law) and other chiropractors from the US were met with amazing hospitality from the Rotary Club of Piedras Negras who organized this trip with the Rotary club of Arkansas where Dr's Terri and James Coats are members. This is the 7th year that they have organized this trip. Piedras Negras is a 3 hour drive from the airport in San Antonio Texas (where we flew into) across the border and into Mexico. The population is approximately 250K. As a team of 11 chiropractors (and our assistants), we reached out to approximately 1500 new patients during our 2.5 days of work there and we made new friendships along the way. We were always treated like royalty and felt the heartfelt gratitude for being there. The food was great, we met the Mayor, we were guests of honor at the Special Olympics, we visited a handicapped school, an orphanage, cardboard city, the market place and saw a light show in front of a pyramid with Flamenco dancers. During our last meal there we were entertained by a mariachi band and we received handmade wooden name plates from the handicapped school and certificates of attendance with our photos. The trip was really nice and their hospitality will ensure that most of us will be returning next year!
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