2008 Lake Placid Iron Man Triathlon
On July 20, 2008 the 10th annual Lake Placid Iron Man Triathlon took place during a torrential down pour of rain from mother nature! Dr. Heidi Law and other ART practitioners joined together as volunteers at this event, to help these athletes achieve their goals of becoming an Ironman. The ART (Active Release Technique) practitioners set up their tent in the Iron Man Village which was located in the outdoor speed skating oval in the town of Lake Placid, New York. Here they treated the triathletes from 9-2pm daily, Thursday through Saturday prior to their race day. Some athletes had their running styles evaluated for biomechanical variants and were then treated to correct mucle groups that were hindering their performance and causing stress on other muscle groups. Other athletes came in with complaints of pain or decreased ranges of motion, such as iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon pain, hamstring cramps, knee pain, shoulder pain and more. All of the treatments were complimentary and done on a volunteer basis. On the race day itself, the practitioners volunteered to work at the race in the transition tents (helping the athletes with their clothing and gear) and at the finish line (bringing the athletes in to the med tent that needed medical attention). The pouring rain didn't dampen the spirits of the athletes or of the hundreds of volunteers that showed up to help them. The pictures will show you snap shots of the emotions that were felt on race day. You will see the victories, see the families that came out to support their loved ones, see the joy of finally crossing that finish line, the exhaustion, the pain, the sense of accomplishment, the cramping of their muscles, the camaraderie between athletes, the friendships, and the strong emotions that came out after a long day of pushing themselves to the extremes. You will see the bikes, the bags, the mud, the rain, and all of the people that cheered them on through it all. In the end, it was Francisco Pontano from Spain that won in the men's division and Caitlin Shea-Kenney (soon to be Snow after getting married 2 days earlier to 10th place finisher Tim Snow) from America that won the women's division. 2340 athletes competed in the race that day and they did a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. It was a long and very wet day for everyone but an amazing day as well.
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