El Salvador 2008
A Chiropractic Mission Trip

On June 15th, 2008 I arrived in San Salvador to volunteer with a group of chiropractors and chiropractic students from Life Chiropractic College. Our mission here was to offer our services to the people of San Salvador for this entire week at multiple locations throughout the city, free of charge. This is my second year on this mission trip. The first year I worked with 2 students and I was in a market place without airconditioning and most of our patients were laborers in the market. This year was quite different (both were great). I was stationed with only one student in a modern airconditioned building that houses the administrative offices for the military pension plans. Most of our patients were the employees here and in the afternoons, they brought in their families. My experiences at work were rewarding as always and it is a joy to help the people here who are always very warm and very grateful. It is not so easy to find a chiropractor here in San Salvador and treatments can be expensive.
In addition to work, I met a bunch of new people in our group that were here as volunteers. They were so much fun and everyone was so great. I really hope that I remain in contact with some of these new faces for years to come!
On the last weekend, a friend of mine took me around to see some of the beautiful places surrounding San Salvador. He didn't quite understand what I was telling him when I warned him about the cement barrier in the road (a translation problem), so as you see, we got stuck on it! Overall, this entire experience was rich (que rico) with laughter, new friendships and patients who received multiple benefits in their physical conditions from the treatments that they received in just that week that we were there. I am very glad that I went and I have some fabulous memories from my time here.
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