Chiropractic Mission Trip to El Salvador
Here are some pix of my trip to El Salvador during 6/17-6/24/07. I was accompanied by 72 other chiropractors and chiropractic students with the mission to treat the people of San Salvador who do not have access to these services. We were split into small groups and sent to different locations to work. Jason and Andrea are two students that were assigned to work with me in a large produce market (2000 workers!) called Mercado La Tiendona. We worked to remove nerve interference at the spinal level as well as peripheral nerve entrapements, which will restore proper functioning of the organ systems and tissues associated with those nerves. Most of our patients had been hit by cars or buses, or had fallen or been assaulted. We saw cases that usually never walk into our private practices. Everyone experienced major improvements (we asked them to return daily). I really enjoyed my trip on many levels. I loved meeting the Salvadoran people and they were so grateful for our work, I am always fascinated to learn about new cultures, I benefited from being immersed in the Spanish language (my skills improved), and I met so many wonderful chiropractors who made me laugh non-stop through this entire journey.
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