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Dame Caterina Ashglow, Officer-in-Command of the Jade Phantoms | by JBIronWorks
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Dame Caterina Ashglow, Officer-in-Command of the Jade Phantoms

A character for Lenfald's LC 18, in the Lands of Roawia role-playing game over on Merlin's



Name: Caterina Ashglow

Age: 27

Gender: Female



Dame Caterina Ashglow is the head of the Jade Phantoms, a secretive, highly-trained unit, akin to the Emerald Wolves, though they aren’t mercenaries. Newly formed, the Jade Phantoms have yet to be combat tried, though all their members have extensive experience separately.

Caterina was born and raised in Stonewald, and knew Triphian before he was High Lord, though only in passing.

From an early age, it was apparent she had a great aptitude for weapons and combat, and she aspired to join the Rangers from almost the start. Unfortunately for her, she was the only daughter of wealthy parents, (who disapproved of her “unladylike” aspirations), and they desired her to marry a rich merchant or lord’s son, and start a family instead.

Caterina chose adventuring, and ran away to Ainesford, where she joined the Rangers, when she was sixteen. Quickly rising through the ranks, Caterina fast became a highly respected and looked up to Ranger. Her skill with her custom-made crossbow and longsword were well-known throughout the Rangers.

Her baptism of fire occurred during the War of Roawian Succession a few years later.

While on patrol with her unit along the Lenfald-Loreos border, they were attacked by several mounted Loreesi knights. The unit was caught unprepared, and most were cut down in minutes. The unit commander was wounded, and, unable to defend himself, would have been killed, but Caterina fought her way to him, and single-handedly held off and slew the five remaining knights, despite receiving several injures, including the scar on her face. Her unit commander was saved, and while recovering recommended her to Triphian for a Damehood.

Triphian agreed, and awarded Caterina the Damehood, and command of an entire unit of Rangers.

When they finally heard of all this, rather than being proud of her, her parents disowned her.

In defiance however, Caterina continued to use the Ashglow name.

For the next few years Caterina moved from place to place, serving with the unit under her command, until the war with the Queen and her armies, when Caterina’s unit was involved in heavy fighting, and most were killed or crippled. Caterina herself narrowly escaped death several times throughout the course of the war.

After the war, she decided to break off from the Rangers, and start her own special group, the Jade Phantoms. She began recruiting the most skilled and deadly warriors, determined to have the best special force in Lenfald, and quickly built up a formidable host, dedicated to defending Lenfald, anywhere, anytime.

Tall, and powerfully built, Caterina’s striking wine-red hair and sultry good looks make her quite popular with men, though she often turns down their romantic advances, seemingly uninterested in dating or marriage. However, she has expressed admiration for a few men, High Lord Triphian and Duke Cartney amongst others.

With a temper as fiery as her hair, Caterina will always speak her mind, and almost never backs down from anything, be it a fight or a political disagreement. She is fiercely loyal to Triphian, and Glorious Lenfald as a whole, and has been known to often voice her intense dislike of the Loreesi.

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