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Rise of the Wyrm #3 | by Chief Paladin of Lenfald.
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Rise of the Wyrm #3

The hour was late when the Garheim war party struck. There were three of them fully bearded and, ready for a fight. They struck down the dragon

soldiers without hesitation or restraint. Their blood stained the floor and, as all three of the Garheim warriors stood back and surveyed their

battlefield. When out of nowhere, breaking the almost stagnant silence. A roar so loud that it shook the mountain broke through the air. All three

looked at one another, "The legend is true!" One cried out. "If it is so then we must warn the others!" The oldest of them said seeming to keep his composure rather well. "Quick let us depart immediately." With that all three turned to the door and, broke into a sprint making there through the dark Garheim evening.



Soon word would spread in the far North and, perhaps even across all the land of Roawia. The dragons were awaking. The Rise of the Wyrms was Nigh!

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Uploaded on April 27, 2015