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The Black Knight | by Chief Paladin of Lenfald.
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The Black Knight

A mystery…a phantom…a children’s story…The Black Knight legend has been called all these things. Standing tall astride a mighty black stallion, donned in Lenfald war armor and armed with an unbreakable spear, legend has it that he shows up at various points on the battlefield and saves Lenfels from slaughter, striking down Lenfald’s enemies without mercy. Songs are sung of his sudden appearances; he is a hero among the people, and a source of destruction to his enemies. “The Great Black Knight! Savior of Lenfald!”

…And yet he may not exist at all, for the formidable Black Knight always disappears at the end of each story, never to be heard from again until needed during times of peril.

The latest addition to his legend occurred during the War of Roawian Succession, at the Battle of Ainesford. After hours of brutal combat and what looked like a complete Lenfel retreat before the triumphant Loreesi, a great bellowing fog arose from the Wandering Woods, and out of it he charged! He immediately struck fear into Loreesi hearts, crushing them with his black steed and swift spear, and with his aid Lenfald drove the imposing army out, leaving no doubts that Lenfald would never be broken! There are hundreds of Lenfel soldiers who will attest to his story…

Yet history has a different take, for Lenfald actually lost the Battle of Ainesford in a total rout. So what is the truth behind this lore? We may never know….



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Taken on November 11, 2011