Fort Hunt "Restore the Constitution Open Carry Rally" - 4/19/10
The 50 or so individuals who attended the "Restore the Constitution Open-Carry Rally" at Fort Hunt National Park in Virginia on April 19, 2010, came armed. Fort Hunt and the nearby Gravelly Point site were chosen because they represented the closest possible locations to the District of Columbia where attendees could openly carry loaded handguns and rifles. Rally organizer Daniel Almond scheduled the second half of the event at Gravelly Point so attendees could "step up to the edge" to "show our elected servants in DC and the state capitals that we will not stand by idly while their corruption, dishonesty, and outright violations of our country’s founding principles destroy the American Republic." The event website also provided a "Resistance Pledge" for attendees to sign. It called for open—and, if necessary, criminal—opposition to laws pertaining to health care coverage, climate change and firearm regulation. Photos by Mellissa Frangais.
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