• kitchen looking into the communal courtyard
  • bedrooms
  • entrance
  • private courtyard towards landscape
  • living room towards private courtyard
  • storage/shed module
  • the first floor is delievered without interior walls
  • the final ramp will be concrete and won't touch the house

bbb low-cost housing, prototype, tegnestuen vandkunsten 2004-2008

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bbb low-cost housing, kvistgård, elsinore, denmark.
architects: tegnestuen vandkunsten, 2004-2008.

new photos and text, june 2009.

prefab courtyard low-cost housing. flat, wood elements. you are looking at a single unit in two floors. this is a prototype done partly to serve as a sales pavillion and partly to learn how to assemble the next 124 houses effectively.

four different courtyard houses are archieved by combining 5.2x5.2 meter modules. nine by nine, the courtyard houses are gathered around intimate communal spaces (kitchen always looking into this space). the resulting enclaves are placed freely in the gently sloping landscape.

facades are carbonized (that is baked or heat treated) wood and aluminium. the windows were not particularly low-cost but the client was looking for certain details whereby he could increase the quality of his project in a single move, so to speak. we recommended the windows. the client's own input here was to increase the interior ceiling height to 2,6 meter.

there is a lot to tell about this project, it has a long and troubled history already, but that won't be today.

we did a similar project for IKEA but I didn't work on that. this one is for a highly ambitious Danish client.

client's project web site

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if possible, please name photographer "SEIER+SEIER".
if not, don't.

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  1. seier+seier ages ago | reply

    thanks, I have to admit that we have been talking about moving there ourselves.

  2. p_magisa 105 months ago | reply

    Hello Sir

    I am currently making a website for house loans, etc

    may i ask for your permission to use use pics of these wonderful houses as my main images?
    thanks and hope to hear from you soon

  3. seier+seier 105 months ago | reply

    you are free to use the photos with a CC-license :)

  4. Elio-X 103 months ago | reply

    I love the black color. I know it catches sunlight and keeps the house warm during cold times. In Colombia is imposible to use that color, because we are in the tropic zone, so if we use it...Everything would be hotter than what already is

  5. seier+seier 103 months ago | reply

    true, and of course it is not strictly about climate here...black is a good colour for buildings for a number of reasons

  6. strahovochka 99 months ago | reply

    It is a very nice picture, may I use it at my blog

  7. seier+seier 99 months ago | reply

    of course, go ahead :)

  8. ep_jhu 97 months ago | reply

    I'd live there. Love the design and materials.

  9. seier+seier 97 months ago | reply

    thanks eric, you are too kind :)

  10. Daniel R. Schultz. 94 months ago | reply

    This is a great place and pic!

  11. busy jump [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

    Simply beautiful, powerful answer and projekt.
    Today a got a bit deeper into your work set, I'm watching the sheets on the www.vandkunsten.com site.
    It has the atmosphere that village cores have.
    An answer beetween big housing tankers and isolated objects.
    What beautiful trees and water, the site is inspiring.
    Have a nice day, greetings, M

  12. seier+seier 91 months ago | reply

    thanks mischa. you are right to point to the site as something special.

  13. nononononoyesyesyesyesyes 85 months ago | reply

    Nice photo, may i use it for my website.

  14. leojamesvioleta 51 months ago | reply

    Yes nice photo. thank you for letting us use this for free.

  15. seier+seier 51 months ago | reply

    you are welcome.

  16. nerissadelacruz01 50 months ago | reply

    @seier+seier cool house. Simple and modern. Like it.

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