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One of my favorite things about Fall is getting to make cornbread and chili. I really miss this during the Summer months. I make my chili with ground turkey (not lean) instead of beef.

  1. mauntainmaus ages ago | reply

    Oh yummmmm...what time's supper?
    I put cornbread on the bottom,chili next,shredded lettuce,grated cheese and sour makes a meal!

  2. Ginger 71 ages ago | reply

    This looks so good, are you sharing?

  3. SunStones* ages ago | reply

    I made some chili last week, I can't possibly wait til it gets cooler here that's still months away! I am going to try the turkey instead... and not tell Ron (let's see if he notices!). Looks YUMMY, Sylvia!

  4. lovecatz ages ago | reply

    Come on over gang. We just have to make sure there is some left for David when he gets home from work at 11 pm tonight.

  5. Sharon's Photos ages ago | reply

    Yum!! I love making chili but have never made it with Turkey. I'm going to try that next time I make a pot!!

  6. hobbit5153... ages ago | reply

    I knew I should have spent the night!!!! This looks great Sylvia!
    Its funny how different contacts of mine often post photos of the same subject matter on the same day! One of my Irish buddies posted one of a great potato dish!

  7. la Zep ages ago | reply

    Oh this is my favourite ( well actually I never had cornbread, but I sub with potato wedges ! ). Going to make it tonight, you inspired me !
    Lovely photo !

  8. Ch♥e Photography ages ago | reply

    still early in the morning in my part of the world, but I am getting hungry now !!!

  9. Flint-Hill ages ago | reply

    Wow, Sylvia, that sure looks good, even at breakfast-time.

    I just made a big pot of Cajun beans, and now you got me thinking about chili!

  10. sansanparrots ages ago | reply

    such a good meal here, looks like there is going to be some for left overs..

    can not wait for some good chili, or stew....winter meals!

    smiles : )

  11. Lynn English ages ago | reply

    WOW, I'm runnin' on over shortly. Yummy and that corn bread,,,,,,,,, What a dinner.

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  12. T Ξ Ξ J Ξ ages ago | reply

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  13. The Suss-Man (Mike) ages ago | reply

    Chili and cornbread. Yummy!

  14. The Good Fairy @Wightmagik Photography ages ago | reply

    I'll second that, yummy indeed !!! :)

    i learnt a little trick in mexico, flash fry your chosen meat with a hit or two of Tequilla, gives it a real mesquite kick and flavour, it works, learnt it from a real mexican chef lol :)

  15. fearful brake [deleted] ages ago | reply

    You are making me hungry Sylvia, that looks yummy!! I'm catching the next flight over, so please, please, save some for me:-)

  16. alasam ages ago | reply

    Yum---one of my favorite meals.

  17. .blessed. 115 months ago | reply

    Oh this looks so good.. Can I have some?

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