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    This is a demonstration of the combined Flickr and media functionality that is built into WordPress 1.6 and It shows how to use a tag to search for a photo from your photostream on Flickr, drag it into the Post window, align it, and resize it. You must view the Original Size image to see the animation.

    To enable Flickr functionality on, you've got to put your username into the "Flickr Username" field on the admin's Profile tab. (Make sure you spell your name right, since there is currently (2005-11-02) a bug that prevents you from changing it after it's already set to a correct name.) If you're using Internet Explorer, you should check out this other animation, since IE doesn't support dragging like Firefox does.

    Note that I chose the Medium size because I wanted to resize the photo in the content and have it still look good. When you resize a thumbnail, the enlarged picture looks grainy, so you should select a larger-sized photo when you intend to make the photo larger. If you just want a thumbnail that links to the photo on Flickr, you can leave the setting as-is. Be aware that larger-sized photos take your site visitors longer to download.

    I wrote the code that interfaces with the Flickr API and puts the photos into the browser. Andy Skelton (aka skeltoac) built the core media browser functionality.

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    1. i'vebeen [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      this is a real great work!
      looks veeery coool!

      can t wait to try !

    2. John Kittelsrud 114 months ago | reply

      That looks cool. Is tool bar for the posts just in WP1.6 and or is it a plugin?

    3. Abstract Gourmet 114 months ago | reply

      Yeh this looks unreal... I've been playing with the alpha code recently and saw the drag and drop functionality and immediately thought of Flickr.

      Very nice.

    4. ringmaster 114 months ago | reply

      The media box is just in WP1.6 and I did see a plugin for WP1.5 that did Flickr similarly. It was released back in April or May!

    5. Bart Beerden 114 months ago | reply

      How do you get your username?
      Is it "Bart Beerden", "bartbeerden", or "brrt".

    6. Bart Beerden 114 months ago | reply

      ^^ Explanation: my URL on flickr is "brrt", my yahoo ID is "bartbeerden", and my name here is "Bart Beerden".
      I always have trouble with letting API's get my pictures. The only one that works is FAlbum for Wordpress. Can you help me out?

    7. ringmaster 114 months ago | reply

      Your Flickr username is just that - your username. It is not your display name or your Flickr url name.

      Here's the best way to check your actual Flickr username:

      1. Log out of Flickr.
      2. Log into Flickr.
      3. Recall the username you just typed to log in to Flickr.

      Pretty simple?

      If it makes it easier, your Flickr username should be the same for FAlbum and for the Flickr features of WordPress.

    8. iwod 114 months ago | reply

      I wanted to know if the writing toolbar is part of Wordpress 1.6 or a plugin?

      Since i am looking for a simple and effective and small WYSIWYG plugin. And so far there is none.

      If it was a plug in. What is it? If not could someone back port it into a 1.5 plugin ??

    9. Peonza [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      In my account in I dont see the Flickr username in the tab of profile, it doesnt appear¡¡¡

    10. Peonza [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      ¿Where is the flickr username field? god I dont see it, and seeing the photo is great¡¡¡

    11. ringmaster 114 months ago | reply

      They've already removed this functionality from WordPress and for reasons I can guess at but weren't made entirely clear to me.

    12. Peonza [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      Oh , thanks, it´s a pity, it was great.

      Thank you and sorry for my English, I´m from Spain

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