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the latter stages of a rash i broke out in after becoming allergic to the antibiotic [amoxicillin] that i was prescribed for strep. even though my strep test was negative, they prescribed me an antibiotic to take 3 times a day. it got a bit worse as this was still in the earlier stages of the rash, i'll post some more pics sometime later.

thanks "doctor"

i've been sitting on my couch for the past week+ and this is just a great topping to all that. just great.

you can almost feel the bumps

  1. .K 94 months ago | reply

    Goodness! Hope you're ok and get better soon!!

  2. anastasia hailes 94 months ago | reply

    I can TOTALLY empathize.

    The exact same thing happened to me on Christmas Day.
    I took the three different steroids they gave and it went away for a day, then came back with a vengeance. Turn outs, it was mono. 5 % of people get the rash when the mono goes untreated.

    Good luck dear!

  3. duluthiscool 94 months ago | reply

    ick!! totally sux dude!!

  4. Drew C 94 months ago | reply

    100% yukkerz... glad you clarified the wrist part!

  5. Randall Cottrell 94 months ago | reply

    haha yeah for sure! that could be mistaken for something else

  6. Dave Owens Photo 94 months ago | reply

    I can totally sympathise, one of my little boys is allergic to amoxicillin too. Imagine seeing a 1yr old boys looking like this, your heart sinks until I found out it was just an allergic reation to it. Keep on trucking :).

  7. N. Lindstrom Photo 94 months ago | reply

    Oh boy I heard about this. I thought the wrist shot looked like the bottom of your foot.......

  8. ...hey amanda 94 months ago | reply

    ohhhh bless your heart :/

  9. JustinSinks 94 months ago | reply

    damn dude! Kick your doc in the nuts! hope you get better soon... I would be looking for a new doc...

  10. Jason From Duluth [deleted] 94 months ago | reply


  11. tina_p0608 94 months ago | reply

    I know what that is like. Last Christmas I tried going to work and ended up being a Patient in the ER then the hospital for the night.
    I was red head to toe, no white inbetween and my throat was also closing.
    Good times!

  12. klld81979 85 months ago | reply

    We are going thru the exact same thing with our 9mth old have any advice?

  13. dstey27 44 months ago | reply

    I have the same thing now, grrr, how long did it take for you to get over it.

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