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Emergency! (Here's to the GOOD people!) | by Dave Ward Photography
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Emergency! (Here's to the GOOD people!)

There are too many people in the world who are devoted to sewing strife, viciousness, and hurt. Through our actions and our attitudes, we all choose sides in the grand scheme of the world.


Do we create tension, or do we encourage harmony? Do hurt people, or do we heal? Do we cut people down, or do we raise them up? Do we make new friends, or do we make new enemies? Do we build bridges, or do we burn them?


I lost a dear friend in the last 24 hours; somebody who was once a beautiful, good soul has turned out to be quite the opposite. How hurt I am by this discovery can't be understated.


And, inevitably, the bad deny that they are bad, instead claiming that there's no such thing, as though this excuses the harm they've done. Why is it that when people do bad, they so seldom have the honesty, the integrity, the responsibility or the spine to admit that they did bad? In my experience, it's because the people who do bad are usually cowards. Honesty, integrity, responsibility and bravery are qualities you almost never find in people who sew strife, discord and pain.


The loss of a friend, and the deep, real hurt it has caused has made me appreciate the truly good people even more.


So here's to some of the best hearts, souls, minds and eyes on flickr: Quizz, Solea, Nuclear Sky, seawallrunner, _rebekka, Sume, yotababy, Liltrix, Velvet G, Suzanna, Piper, DrJoanne, The Alieness, the8rgrl, O Caritas, Coffee Break, Sarrah, Barefoot Bex, Greeny, TaG, Fatima, IrregularGirl, Eye Candy, Teotwawki, dotpolka, buhny, anselpixel, achuka, yeimaya... and all those flickr friends I know in "real life" -- you know who you are -- and, of course, Betty.


That list is so far from complete--it's barely even a start... There really are some great souls here, and some dear friends. I just want each and all of you to know that I appreciate you all. Thank you for your goodness -- not only the goodness you send in my direction, but also thank you for the goodness you contribute to the world.


Thank you for, through your actions and your attitudes, choosing the right side.

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Taken on October 25, 2005