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The Last Thing A Gopher Wants to See

We had a nesting owl box installed on our property early last year, because we hoped that it would help with our gopher problem, and because we like birds. Ten days later a pair of owls moved into the box, and a short time later a couple of baby barn owls were hatched. This year another pair of owls were hatched, and this is one of them coming in for a landing on top of the nest box. I wish that I hadn't cut the wings off in this shot, but I do like seeing the talons. I'm pleased to say that there's been a remarkable decline in the local rodent population.


I lit this with an SB600 on a light stand to the right of the bird. The strobe was in TTL mode and was triggered by the pop up flash of my D90 in commander mode. The flash didn't seem to bother the birds.


I've put together a small set of pictures relating to the owls. Here's a link to that set www.flickr.com/photos/9422878@N08/sets/72157630045851110/...

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Taken on June 3, 2012