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Alert | by harefoot1066
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Mitigation area, near 83rd Avenue overpass, Peoria Arizona. This rabbit or its offspring died in the Monsoon floods of 2014. This section of Skunk Creek, deepened, narrowed and weired by the AC of ED, had at least four feet of rushing water flowing through it for several days. No small ground dwelling mammalian or reptilian life survived (the coyotes would have been okay); the skeletons of a couple of rabbits, stretched in flight, lay on the mitigation area after the waters had receded and the ground dried. Why the weirs? Who knows - but they (four of them) push the water along at speed, causing greater turbulence than otherwise would have been the case, scouring the ground and washing away some of the foundations of the weirs themselves. Idiotic. And all to prevent an inch or so of rain water flooding the great god: property.


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Taken on July 22, 2014