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Day 35_ students for Humanity!!



We are rocking and rolling! Twenty grade 11 students of the Center of Science and Technology in Township Khayelitsha and me.


It was so great to see them all again (last year I taught art&leadership to those students), now: online media.


These students become the online representatives of COSAT. We are exploring ways how technology and online media can make a difference in our communities.


The students become online reporters. These grassroots reporting students use mobile phones to source stories (about their communities, organizations, politics, environment, technology..) and post them online on the communal blog, www.studentsforhumanity.com (a wordpress Multi user site).


This first lesson we explored some possibilities of the internet, we explored google, wikipedia, and the concept of blogging.


We also talked about the impact that words have on other people, how they can harm your own image, have an impact on other people and easily can be misinterpreted by other people.


We explored the 'ownership' of words online, the ability for the whole world to see what you are writing about and we touched briefly on the concepts of copyright versus creative commons (this will need more time).


We created the categories that the students want to report about and gave them a name that appears to the students.


The students are excited about this!! me too.


Saturday will be the next class. Then we'll set up our individual emails and wordpress accounts!


keep an eye on this project!

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Uploaded on February 4, 2009