1/1/2016 Sebago Canoe Club Frostbite Regatta and Potluck
It was a little bit breezy, but otherwise a beautiful day for a paddle, with temperatures continuing to be fairly mild (although not as unseasonably warm as it got on Christmas - 71 degrees, crazy!).

After undergoing cancer surgery in October, I was especially delighted to be out there, and even doing rolls - originally I'd thought I would be off the water for the winter, but as I've remarked at various times on various social media, healing went much faster than I expected. I'd made sure to go to one pool session before the Frostbite, as I wanted my first post-surgery rolls to be in very controlled conditions - the pool session went great, so I didn't see any reason not to do my usual New Year's Day rolls in the bay! The water wasn't even that cold, and it was just great being out there doing my usual New Year's Day thing with the Sebago winter paddling crew. I was a bit slow, and after falling behind while taking pictures, I discovered that my "photographer's sprint" gear is completely out of order (must try to get out more to get the high gear back), but still couldn't leave the camera alone!

Happy New Year, and best wshes for 2016!
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