SCC/NPS/BBH/RHB Staten Island Camping Trip
Amazing camping trip on Staten Island with Sebago, Brooklyn Bridge Boathouse, and Red Hook Boaters, hosted by National Park Service Ranger John Daskalaskis and his terrific colleagues at the NPS. Leader/head chef Steve H. Thanks to all who made it an excellent weekend! Have not had time to do captions but here's how it went: We paddled out from Sebago, through Jamaica Bay, out through the Rockaway Inlet, down Coney Island. Lunch break in Coney Island Creek, then on across to Staten Island, where we camped at Hudson Park, had a delicious steak dinner cooked by our own Steve the Paddling Chef, and were given a great tour of one of the old forts by one of John D's National Park Service colleagues. Campfire afterwards. Next morning a smaller group paddled back, this time stopping at Breezy Point for lunch and then on into the bay, getting home well before the storms began (you can see the clouds beginning to go nuts in one of the last few shots).
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